Premium Booster 2.8 Doesn’t Appear to be Accessible

Every day I check out the web site “Giveaway of the Day – free licensed software daily” at the URL If I see something that might be interesting, I go ahead, download it and give it a try.

Today they have Premium Booster 2.8, and unfortunately, I didn’t find it accessible. According to the web site:

“Premium Booster is a powerful optimization toolkit with a set of unique features. It will scan your PC for problems and repair found issues which may be hindering your Windows performance.”

After downloading, activating, installing and running Premium Booster, you’re presented with a screen where you click on a button to perform the given action. The buttons aren’t reachable with the keyboard, so I tried using the JAWS cursor. Unfortunately the buttons also aren’t labelled. After a few minutes trying to figure out what the different unlabeled graphics are through trial and error, I gave up. There are enough other similar programs that are accessible, I didn’t think this application was worth the time it was taking. I ended up using Revo Uninstaller from to remove Premium Booster from my PC.


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