D’Antoni and the Knicks

I used to be quite a big fan of the Knicks, but I haven’t followed them too closely ever since Jeff Van Gundy left. I was hoping they’d make the right coaching decision though and start back down the path towards competitive basketball in the NBA.

I’m not sure Mike D’Antoni is the answer though. They should definitely improve and as the roster turns over into one more suited for D’Antoni’s style of play, they should be a lot more fun to watch. I believe in the old adage that defense wins championships though, and I’m not sure a D’Antoni coached team will ever have a championship caliber defense.

Unlike a lot of Knicks fans, I wasn’t a big fan of Mark Jackson coming to the Knicks. I won’t be surprised if he ends up being a good coach, but I’m a big fan of experience, and to my knowledge, Mark Jackson doesn’t have any coaching experience at any level. I was actually hoping for Avery Johnson. I think he’s proven he can coach, and he can coach defense.

All that said, I’ll probably be more of a Knicks fan, now that they have D’Antoni there, than I’ve been the last few seasons. Now let’s hope they can attract some free agents and score big in the draft!


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