General Knowledge Base Doesn’t Appear to be Accessible

Today on the web site “Giveaway of the Day – free licensed software daily” at the URL they have the application General Knowledge Base, and unfortunately, I didn’t find it accessible. According to the web site:

“General Knowledge Base is an innovative knowledge management software allowing an easy and effective management of all types of knowledge bases. It is an optimal tool for categorizing and finding articles, documents or data. It allows user to keep documents systemized, to add notes and attachments, capture and store web pages from the web.”

The direct URL for General Knowledge Base is

I’m always looking for a good PIM application, but I’m never optimistic they’ll be accessible.

After downloading, activating and installing General Knowledge Base, you’ll find a General Knowledge Base submenu in Start Menu -> Programs. I tried both the Editor and the General Knowledge Base application. In both cases, I found that JAWS didn’t track the cursor or the highlighted menu items. As usual, I tried using the JAWS cursor, but I just wasn’t able to figure out how to even get started. Since I wasn’t optimistic it was even going to work before I started, I didn’t end up spending much time playing with it.

I ended up using Revo Uninstaller from to remove General Knowledge Base from my PC.


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