Audio Comparer seems to be accessible, for the most part

Today I checked out the application Audio Comparer from the web site “Giveaway of the Day – free licensed software daily” at the URL Although I wasn’t sure how useful I would find this software, I decided to check it out. It seems to be accessible, for the most part, but it doesn’t seem like I personally will find it very useful.

According to the web site:

“Audio Comparer will listen to your entire audio collection and then will be able to quickly locate duplicates and similar audio files based on their sound, not tags. The program will estimate duplicate songs’ quality and advise you which ones are better to keep and which to delete.”

The direct URL for Audio Comparer is

I downloaded the application, and I was able to successfully kick off a comparison of the music on my system. Everything was quite accessible, except there were a few unlabelled buttons. they were in the usual places, such as the browse button when you’re adding directories to the list of directories that should be compared, so it wasn’t hard to figure out what the buttons should do.

When the compare was complete, a pair of boxes come up. One box has the list of all of the tracks that were compared. This is the box that has focus, and as you move up and down the list, information on the track fills the screen. This information can be gotten to by using the JFW cursor. There’s another box that lists the results of the comparison. On my system this was blank. I’m not sure if this is because I still needed to do something or because I didn’t have any duplicate tracks. I suspect the later, since I manage the music I put on my system pretty carefully. I couldn’t get the focus over to this box using the keyboard or the JAWS cursor, but maybe this is because the box was empty. I tried to check the documentation, but there isn’t any documentation for this software yet.

I think this application could be quite handy for those people who have a larger or more dynamic music collection than I do. I also suspect that, although it won’t be totally accessible, it’ll be quite usable for a blind computer user. For my part, I don’t see much need for this application, so I’ll be using Revo Uninstaller from to remove Audio Comparer from my PC.


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