Internet RadioFan appears to be accessible

Today I checked out the application Internet RadioFan from the web site “Giveaway of the Day – free licensed software daily” at the URL I was pleased to find that it seems to be completely accessible with JAWS.

According to the web site:

“The program Internet RadioFan allows you to listen to online radio and watch TV broadcasts on the Internet. All the radio and TV stations are grouped by country while the description of each channel contains the name of the city from which the broadcast originates and the style or genre of the given station.”

The direct URL for Internet RadioFan is

I downloaded Internet RadioFan and was listening to a radio station and then a TV station in just a matter of minutes. It seemed completely accessible with JAWS. I still haven’t checked out any of the advanced features, such as setting presets, but I was able to arrow and tab around the screen, move up and down the lists of TV and radio stations and bring up the TV or radio station I wanted to listen to. Another must for me, is that Internet RadioFan allows you to set it’s volume independently of the system’s or JFW’s volume. I know we have other choices, which seem like they might have a larger selection, but Internet RadioFan seems like a keeper to me.

I didn’t see the price in US dollars right off, but it’ll be free from Giveaway of the Day until 2PM US central time.


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